We have served clients in the following domains:

  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance

Clients - in our view

Clients turn to us for a range of services, like developing schema objects, build BI projects, tune their existing environment for better performance, scale their systems, provide workarounds to product glitches, 24 by 7 support, installation and configuration of systems over the weekend, help them in proof of concepts with new technology and a lot more.

Some of the projects that we have undertaken are:

Mortgage Industry: Our project monitors portfolio performance and benchmarks it to national markets using the industry's largest and most trusted mortgage databases. It sets the new gold standard for identifying, evaluating, and managing risk in active mortgage portfolios. It is an external facing application which is highly secured using both Object level as well as data level security in the project. We were involved in a complete life cycle of this project from gathering requirements to build a POC and finally deploying it and making it production ready. Currently we are maintaining this project and enhancing it with new features and functionality.

Retail Industry: Built a reporting tool for merchandisers that show Point of Sale (POS), history on sales, receipt history, order tracking, and current inventory data. Users can do various this year to last year comparison across all dimensions of the business. This project took us to build over one year. It queries against 23 Terabytes of data and has about 5500 users with a concurrency of at least 10% at all times.

Service Industry: Provided consulting services to a premier consulting firm specializing in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Integration. They provide end to end services from Data Architecture, Implementation, Project Management, Long Term Support, and Training to Fortune 500 clients.

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